2016 Shanghai International Kitchen Appliance Fair is a great success


In October 21st, CIKB (2016 China International Kitchen Fair) opened in Shanghai Hongqiao National Exhibition Center. This exhibition is co-sponsored by Hardware Association and the Cologne exhibition company,

It is the only one professional international kitchen industry expo in China.

Many international top brand electric kitchen appliances company participate in the exhibition like BOSCH, SIEMENS, Gaggenau, SMEG, Franke, A.O.Smith, and domestic brands like Haier, FOTILE, Robam, Arda, Midea, DE&E, Sakura, Vatti, Macro, Vanward, SUPOR, Meida, Entive.

Topband have four division (controller department, big appliance, small appliance, intelligent control and motor department) to participate in the exhibition. And this is also the first time the four division to exhibit jointly.

We showed kitchen appliance controller, electronic lock controller, intelligent toilet appliance controllers, small appliance controller, electric tools controller, electromagnetic oven, BMS and all kinds of Brushless DC motor.

We have a big step in company different product selling in group and marketing together, and laid a solid foundation in making company to become a system solution provider.

Topband is the only exhibitor in the intelligent control field and is highly concerned by the organizing committee, Chinese hardware association leadership.

Hardware Association chairman Senglan Shi, Dongli Zhang, the executive director come to visit our booth. When they visit our booth, they get to know that a lot of controllers are R&D and Manufactured by Topband.

They mentioned that Topband have various controller product line. And it can link with almost all the product of the Hardware Association, include the kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, electric tools, hardware locks,

They hope Topband can enhance product quality and create more well-known brands in the hardware industry and enhance the competitiveness of products in the international arena. They will do subsequent promotion and publicity for Topband and let more companies know Topband and to use Topband intelligent controller.

During the exhibition, FOTILE, Robam, Ande, Franke, Xundar and other customers visit our booth to discuss the business fairs and our core technology has been recognized by many customers.

Such as we use PID algorithm to realize application in embedded oven controller on the premise of not affecting the control of life, can put the oven temperature field control to achieve +/- 1 degrees, this has reached the international leading level and has become a benchmark in the field of embedded oven controller.

This reflects Topband’s core value concept in R&D research, industry leading technology, solve the industry’s difficulties, to enhance the competitiveness of the customer.


From the show, we get to know that the kitchen industry growth led the entire appliance market. From the home appliance product life cycle, the kitchen appliance market has begun to replace the white electric appliance and go into the high-speed growth period, and has become the most important driving force in China home appliance.

Data show that in 2015 the kitchen appliance retail sales grew by 10.5%, the growth rate led home appliance market. The whole industry concentration has improved.

So as a one-stop solution provider for kitchen appliance controller, Topband need to increase

R & D investment, boost domestic and foreign brands of household appliances manufacturers, make products more intelligent, high-end and make people's lives easier and more comfortable.