• Tophome Smart Gateway

Product Overview

Tophome smart gateway is a smart home communication host based on 433M RF technology. It can connect a network for all the RF intelligent devices and access to the Internet through WIFI. Afterwards, all the devices in the network can be controlled by smart phone or tablet with access to WIFI/4G/3G, to realize lighting control, curtain control, environment control, and take you to smart home easily.

Product Characters

Home wifi access

Support Wifi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Remote control

Remote control by WIFI/2G/3G/4G

Status indicator

All kinds of status indicator showing current working status

Smart control devices

Control smart devices with RF 433MHz, like smart switch, smart window opener, and smart curtain controller etc,.

Scenario mode setting

Support scenario mode coordinated setting, able to set multiple modes to have scenario coordination.

Time setting

Able to set 8 series of timing tasks

Status feedback

Support status feedback from devices to APP.

Product Parameters

rated voltage:AC100~240V,50~60Hz  

Effective distance:200m  

Sub equipment capacity:30PCS  

Stand-by power consumption:<2W  

material:Flame retardant materials PC  level UL94-V0    

RF:433MHz FSK  

Operating temperature:-10℃~50℃  

Operating humidity:0~95%  

boundary dimension:79*37*40(mm)  

weight:Xx g  

Indicator status:

Red lights flash: Factory Settings state, need to configure networking;Blue light breath: work properly, LAN connection is OK;

Green light breath: work properly, the Internet connection is OK;Red light flash once: receiving/launch the RF signal;Blue lights flash: The network is disconnected;